Investments & Ventures

At MACC Living, we love hearing about new opportunities and are always open to suggestions for new projects on a partnership or joint venture basis.

We’re more than happy to consider combined developments or to discuss the possibility of part funding projects for clients in good financial standing.

We can also provide project viability assessments in order to help our clients fully assess the potential financial risks and successes of new projects.

If you have a development opportunity we could help with or would like to invest in one of our developments…

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Having established ourselves as professional, cost-effective and reliable care operators and developers, we have many projects in the pipeline and can continuously identify new, profitable projects to potential funders - large or small - who are interested in investment opportunities. We also welcome potential REITs (real estate investors) who are interested in partnering with us. We’d love to work with REITs who want to expand their presence in the Midlands area, or those who are brand new to the sector and looking for opportunities to enter it.

We have a proven track record for value creation and already have many strong relationships with funding institutions and private investors. We require capital on an ongoing basis and our projects can fetch incredibly attractive returns; if you’re interested in investment opportunities, please get in touch.